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blue girl presents: scrapbook paper envelopes
When I was in elementary school, I would often roam around the house with a very special envelope.  I liked imagining it was a cute little purse.  The envelope itself was quite plain.  It was wrinkled and worn from being handled so much.  It was also stuffed with birthday cards.

blue girl presents: scrapbook paper envelopes. giraffe greeting card
Even as a child, I had a great appreciation for paper, greeting cards, and hand-written messages.  I'm not sure when it started, I just know that one year I decided to start collecting all of the birthday cards I had received and carrying them around.    I would find a spot to curl up and carefully pull out each card.  As I went through my cards, I would put them in a special order.  Sometimes, I ordered them by size.  Sometimes, I ordered them by my favorite images.  A couple cards and one special letter written on Little Twin Stars stationery always received extra attention because of the time taken to write a lovely message.
blue girl presents: elephant card. scrapbook paper envelopes
My animal greeting cards needed envelopes.  I made envelopes with scrapbook paper so that they could be as cute and whimsical as the cards themselves.  They will also make a much cuter purse for anyone as weird as I was.  (You're right, you're right.  I'm still weird.  Hooray!)
blue girl presents: scrapbook paper envelopes
Now I'll tell you a secret.  I use the Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board and Envelope Tool to make my envelopes.  It makes it so fun and easy. 

Here's another secret.  I wish I was paid to say that, but I wasn't.  It really is a great tool.  :)
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