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Happy Friday!!!

I had a lovely week, and I hope that you did too.
Here are a few of my praises for the week.

* One of Hubby's friends is a violinist.  He's playing in the pit orchestra for a community theater that is performing South Pacific.  They have a total of twelve shows, but he is unable to play the last four shows.  He asked me to be a substitute.  This took a LOT of trust on his part, because he had never heard me play...and I had never heard his play either!  This week I was able to rehearse with the group on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, Hubby and I were able to attend the dress rehearsal.  It was so much fun!  (My secret dream job is to play in the pit of a Broadway show.)  I have been singing songs from the show all week with no signs of stopping.  Good thing Hubby is patient and kind.

* I have the opposite of a green thumb, but we have beautiful flowers that appear around our house each year.  It's so fun to see them.

* In a few weeks, I get to be bridesmaid.  I am SO excited.  My dress arrived this week.  It came in a plastic envelope which seemed strange.  However, it had been placed in a garment bag and included a handwritten note.  Hooray!

I hope that you have a spectacular weekend.  I made a new card today with NO animals.  It was a bit of an experiment, but it was great fun.  You'll have to come back on Monday to see it!

7/19/2013 09:45:13 am

You play violin?! How GOLDEN! The string instruments are my absolute favorite (you could say I'm biased because I play piano and my husband plays piano AND cello, but meh- who cares?). South Pacific is wonderful and I'm so glad you're partaking! Yay! Break a leg!

Can't WAIT to see your card projects this week!

P.S. Your hubby sounds like a brilliant supporter. DON'T wash that man right out of your hair. :)

7/22/2013 12:59:16 am

I do play violin! I play piano too... but not the way you play. :)
Thanks for all of your visits and encouragement!


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