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It can be fun to complain, don't you think?  Sitting around and swapping "woe is me" stories gives us a weird sense of pride and accomplishment.  Or maybe I'm just weird.  That's possible too.

It doesn't always happen naturally, but I try my best to overflow with optimism and positivity.  I realize that this can backfire and be terribly annoying for the people around me.  But each day I'm learning how very loved I am.  God has blessed me way more than I deserve.  He has carried me through joys and trials and plateaus.  Because of this, it is important for me to remember to be thankful each day for even the silliest things.  Here are a few of my praises for this week.

blue girl presents: McDonald's Chocolate Dipped Cone
Dipped Cone from McDonald's

* Hubby and I did an informal research study.  The results of our study are as follows:

  • Dairy Queen has the best chocolate dipped cones. 
  • McDonald's has the best non-dipped vanilla soft serve.
  • Burger King soft serve is only worth getting when it is the closest place open - and on sale for 50 cents. 
  • McDonald's uses the tastiest and crispiest cones!  They may be laced with crack, but this hasn't been confirmed.
  • Ice cream is yummy!

* Apparently, Hubby has been secretly reading my blog.  After sharing my Mini Notecards, I was surprised with some extra cute little love notes.  (It might be nice for Hubby if I started reading my own blog...)  I am blessed.

* Last weekend, my Mother-In-Law said she was hosting a little dinner party at the end of the week and requested my Patriotic Berry Appetizer recipe.  A few days later, she called Hubby and invited the two of us to come to her dinner party.  Guess who will be bringing brie and berries?  We all got a kick out of that.  Dinner is tonight, and I just know it will be fun and yummy.  I am insanely blessed with the most amazing In-laws. 

Those are some of my praises for the week. What are some of yours?

Hope you have a spectacular weekend!

7/13/2013 02:48:27 am

So, I showed this post of yours to my husband last night and had to make this confession: I've. never. had. a. dipped. cone. He was appalled.

What is happening? What is wrong with me? Thank you for inspiring me to insert Dairy Queen into my itinerary this week. :)


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