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stamped lamb sheep wedding card
Once upon a time, a Young Miss and a Big Mister fell in love.  They got married and became Mr. & Mrs. Lamb.

I serendipitously found the sheep stamp right as I was pondering what kind of wedding card to create for the happy couple.  It was from a Noah's ark set in my stash that I had forgotten about.

The addition of a little bow tie and a little veil makes it obvious those Lambs just got married!

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My dear friend Rachel is getting married.  One of her most favorite movies is Disney Pixar's "UP."  She has a dating story and an engagement story that involve the movie.  So when it came time to throw her a Bridal shower, it was only natural that it would be an "UP" themed shower.  Rachel's sister Sarah was the main host.  She opened up her home, bought dozens of balloons, and organized all of the wonderful food.  I got to have fun with most of the crafty things.
blue girl presents:up theme party signs
My Sister-in-law surprised me with a Cricut machine this past Christmas.  I am in love with it.  I was dreaming about making little signs for the shower, and even borrowed cartridges from my Sister-in-law to make it happen. 

The shower was being held relatively near my parents house.  So, I arranged to leave a few days early so that I could spend time with them. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to create the signs before leaving.  No worries.  I just packed up my Cricut machine and brought it with me.  But alas, the night before the shower, I discovered that I had forgotten the cord for my machine! 

I still couldn't stop thinking about how cute these signs would be, so I woke up early the morning of the shower and created them without the machine.

My Dad was teasing me for asking to borrow his big paper cutter and a cutting blade.  "I don't know what kind of plot you're hatching," he said.  "First you ask me for a guillotine, then a knife.  You might as well ask for a chainsaw next.  I have several for you to choose from!"

blue girl presents: diy wilderness explorer bridal sash
I got it in my head that I wanted to create a Wilderness Explorer Bridal Sash for the Bride.  I thought about making it out of felt, and then decided that might be crazy...

Until I found this:
Wilderness Explorer Sash on

Making the patches turned out to be incredibly fun. 

For some of the badges, I looked to the ones from the movie.
Some badges were inspired by ones created for the movie but not used. 
A lot of badges were specifically created for the bride.

White seemed the appropriate color for a bridal sash.  Using white fabric that was already in my stash, I sewed a simple sash.  (By hand...because it has been so long since I have used my sewing machine, I couldn't find the cord... I seem to have a problem with misplacing cords...)

blue girl presents: diy wilderness explorer bridal sash with felt badges
I was too excited to get a great photo of the final product.  But here is a photo that I took with my phone. 

The desserts were AMAZING.  (Click the photos for a larger view and more info.)
blue girl presents: macarons jean-marc chatellier's french bakery
Melt-in-your-mouth delicious macarons from Jean-Marc Chatellier's French Bakery.
blue girl presents: up theme party
Setting up the food table.
adventure book ellie's badge up theme party favor
I was inspired by My Own Road to create my own "Ellie Badge" for the favors.  Jen has a great tutorial, though I didn't follow it exactly.

I ordered bottle caps and resin from Annie Howes The resin made the pins more durable, and it was very easy to use.  Special punches made cutting out the soda circles and making holes in the caps a breeze.

Creating the mini adventure book was just a matter of cutting, scoring, folding, and punching.  I loved the result.

The message inside was based on the quote from the following video.

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This is my obligatory post, welcoming you to this tiny little corner of my world.  I will be sharing fun things created by me and the people I love, as well as documenting fun things I encounter in my travels.  Thanks for visiting!  Hope you find something interesting or inspiring.