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blue girl presents: elephant greeting card using simple shapes
I saw this lovely elephant mobile while surfing the internet.  The simplicity of it was striking. 
blue girl presents: owl greeting card using simple shapes
I also discovered these adorable love owls.

See how both animals were created mostly with circles?  I love that. 
blue girl presents: hippo greeting card using simple shapes
Obviously, I had to see what other animals I could create with simple shapes.  And obviously, I had to make them into greeting cards!
blue girl presents: lion greeting card using simple shapes
I cut a bunch of circles and ovals in various sizes and had some fun.
blue girl presents: bunny rabbit greeting card using simple shapes
bunny rabbit
While circles or ovals were used as a base for each animal, I didn't limit myself to those two shapes.
These cards make me smile.  Hopefully they will make a few other people smile too!

Have a lovely day.  Thanks for visiting!
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7/15/2013 07:20:35 am

Love your cards! So many great ideas! Thank you for sharing! I would like to try some myself! ;)

7/15/2013 09:54:01 am

You can do it, Sandy!!!! If you do, take photos and show me!

7/17/2013 09:30:49 am

I am so in love with your style and get so excited every time you post another one of your brilliant projects!

7/18/2013 10:36:38 am

Thanks, Candace! You're the sweetest.

7/24/2013 06:29:52 am

These are so cute! I love the whole collection, although I'm partial to giraffes and lions. A set of these would make such a cute gift!


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